Crash cymbals (sometimes known as clash cymbals are a percussion instrument which are two cymbals, around 50cm wide which are crashed together, creating a large, crash sound. These crashes are used to great effect in orchestras and wind bands. A crash cymbal is one of these cymbals, used in drum kits, or in orchestras for effect.

Crash cymbal in drum kitEdit

In a drum kit the crash cymbal is the one which is used for effect, while the ride and high hat are usually used for rhythm.

Playing two clash cymbalsEdit

The cymbals are held around 10cm from each other, parallel at chest hight. One is vibrated by tapping it on the knee. The lead hand brings the cymbals together, in a diagonal motion, with the top of the cymbal hitting the other first, then following through.

Dampening the cymbals is often needed. This is done against the chest, which 'kills' the sound.

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