The Wet-Fords are a rich family that all speak the "yes boss" language. Only very few know how to speak this ancient tongue. The first eldar in the Wet-Ford family was called Barney Wet-Ford he started a family line that would go on to control the "Guest" area of CB1. Barney married a dutchess from the "Barnwell" area of CB5 she was a wealthy lady who had a powerful influence over the people of Barnwell she would go onto be very popular among the simple but friendly scum that live in the Guest area. The first line of Wet-Fords soon came into conflict with the Weik-Clarks who controlled most of CB4 at that time. 2 years later the first battle of cambridge commenced. The Weik-Clarks won this battle but lost many soldiers to the scheeming Wet-Fords. However due to a gunshot wound Barney Wet-Ford was killed.

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