Migration is the (semi) permament move from one place to another

  • Internal migration is where people move within a country
  • International migration is where people move from one country to another

  • Emigration is leaving a country
  • Immigration is entering a country

Why do people migrate?Edit

Push factorsEdit

  • Poverty
  • Little or no services
  • No safety and lots of crime
  • Natural disaster, such as famine, droughts and earthquakes
  • (Civil) War

Pull factorsEdit

  • Higher chance of employment
  • More wealth
  • Better services
  • Safer, less crime
  • Political stability

Disadvantages with migrationEdit

To the place they left behindEdit

  • Many of the people who leave are young males, so most of the people left behind are elderly - this puts more strain on the country's economy

To the country they are in nowEdit

  • They may take jobs from the citizens of that country
  • In most of the jobs they do they are payed in cash, meaning they pay no tax
  • They use the country's services, healthcare and education

Advantages with migrationEdit

To the place they left behind =Edit

  • They reduce the burden of the country, increasing the availability of money, food and other resources

To the country they are in nowEdit

  • They do more laborious jobs that many of the citizens of the country don't want to take up.

Migration case study: Mexico to USAEdit

When doing this case study think about differing opinions from people living in LEDCs and MEDCs. Additionally to get the highest grades you need to think of possible solutions for the problem, whilst also recognising why they may not have been put into action.

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