In geography, population is the collection of people.

Population distributionEdit

Reasons for areas of high pop. densityEdit

  • Lowland, which is flat or gently sloping
  • Moderate climate
  • Thick, fertile soils
  • Areas of open woodland and/or grassland
  • Coastal areas
  • Good supply of resources such as coal, oil and water
  • Large, rich trade markets
  • Good infrastructure
  • Skilled labour force + varied
  • Stable government

Reasons for areas of low pop. densityEdit

  • Mountainous areas with high altitudes and steep slopes
  • Extreme climate
  • Thin, rocky soil
  • Dense jungle and swamps
  • Unaccessible areas
  • Few resources
  • Poor trading links
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Limited jobs available
  • Unstable government
  • Civil war

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