The present tense in Italian is used to express:

  • What you're doing now (e.g. Studio l'italiano. I am studying Italian)
  • What happens sometimes or usually (e.g. Normalmente esco alle sette. Usually I go out at 7.00)
  • What is going to happen soon (e.g. Quest'estate vado in Australia. This summer I'm going to Australia)
  • What has been happening up to now and may continue (e.g. Abito a Firenze da dieci anni. I have been living in Florence for 10 years)

Regular VerbsEdit

-ARE verbs (e.g. parlare-to speak)

parlo I speak
parli You (singular) speak
parla He, she, it speaks
parliamo We speak
parlete You (plural) speak
parlano They speak

-ERE verbs (e.g. vendere-to sell)

vendo I sell
vendi You (singular) sell
vende He, she, it sells
vendiamo We sell
vendete You (plural) sell
vendono They sell

-IRE verbs (e.g. aprire- to open)

apro I open
apri You (singular) open
apre He, she, it opens
apriamo We open
aprete You (plural) open
aprono They open

Irregular VerbsEdit

The most important irregular verbs are avere and essere

Avere (to have)

ho I have
hai You (singular) have
ha He, she, it has
abbiamo We have
avete You (plural) have
hanno They have

Essere (to be)

sono I am
sei You (singular) are
e He, she, it is
siamo We are
siete You (plural) are
sono They are

See also Italian Imperfect Tense

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