Sulphuric acid is a strong acid (all the hydrogen dissociates). It is also the strong acid that most GCSE students have to study the reactions of.


Test for H2SO4Edit

Add few drops dilute HCl, then BaCl. White precipitate formed if sulphate ions present (barium sulphate is a white precipitate)

Reactions of H2SO4Edit

  • Reaction with metals
    • Reacts with magnesium fast (exothermic reaction, effervescence, colourless gas given off, all dissolves, heating needed)
    • Reacts with zinc quite vigorously (slightly exothermic, some effervescence, colourless gas given off, not all dissolves)
    • Does not react with copper (copper too low on reactivity series)
  • Reaction with metal oxides
    • Reacts with zinc oxide (some effervescence, all dissolves, heating needed)
    • Reacts with copper oxide (gradually dissolved, heating required)
  • Reaction with carbonates
    • Reacts vigorously with magnesium carbonate (fizzed straight away, lots of bubbles, milky solution left)
    • Reacts with copper carbonate quite fast (slowly dissolves, bubbles, fizzing)
  • Colour in indicator (always acidic colour - see indicator

Manufacture of H2SO4Edit

The Contact Process

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