In french, the perfect tense is created by the corresponding person in the present tense of either avoir or etre, plus the past participle.

Verbs which take etreEdit

The verbs taking etre are MRS VANDERTRAMP verbs, and reflexives.

  • Monter
  • Rester
  • Sortir
  • Venir
  • Aller
  • Naitre
  • Descendre
  • Entrer
  • Retourner
  • Tomber
  • Rentre
  • Arriver
  • Morter
  • Partir

Forming the perfect tenseEdit

The present tense of avoir/etre + the past particple. For example:

  • I came = Je suis venu
  • I wanted = J'ai voulu
  • I shat= j'ai shize

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