The present tense is used in French for say something that is either happening at the moment or that happens generally (i.e. once a week or a month). Below are the gereral ending of verbs, however there are a few exceptions to one.

-er verbsEdit

The endings are in red.

  • je joue = I play
  • tu joues = you play
  • il/elle/on joue = he/she/we play
  • nous jouons = we play
  • vous jouez = you (pl. or polite) play
  • ils/elles jouent = they play

-ir verbsEdit

The endings are in red.

  • je choisis = I choose
  • tu choisis = you choose
  • il/elle/on choisit = he/she/we choose
  • nous choisissons = we choose
  • vous choisissez = you (pl. or polite) choose
  • ils/elles choisissent = they choose

-re verbsEdit

The endings are in red.

  • je vends = I sell
  • tu vends = you sell
  • il/elle/on vend(No ending) = he/she/we sell
  • nous vendons = we sell
  • vous vendez = you (pl. or polite) sell
  • ils/elles vendent = they sell

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