The present tense is used in Spanish for things that happen regularly, or are happening at the moment.

Regular VerbsEdit

-AR verbs (e.g. tocar, to touch)

toco - I touched

tocas - you (singular) touch

toca - he/she/you (formally) touch

tocamos - we touch

tocáis - you (plural) touch

tocan - they all touch

-ER verbs (e.g. leer to read)

leo - I read

lees - you (singular) read

lee - he/she/it reads

leemos - we read

leéis - you (plural) read

leen - they read

-IR verbs (e.g. escibir to write)

escribo - I write

escribes - you (singular) write

escribe - he/she/it writes

escribimos - we write

escribís - you (plural) write

escriben - they write

Irregular VerbsEdit


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